Manufacturer of excellent implants which are acknowledged by many dentists. One of the leading brands in this field of dentistry in the world. It is also one of the most frequently used dental implants in our practice.

Neobiotech products have been successfully applied for more than 16 years in 50 countries. The introduction of a new, universal system of implants on the market has enabled, among others, the successful integration of the implant with the bone, a durable and strong connection and optimal matching of the implant to the needs of each patient.

A big advantage of Neobiotech implants is the so-called AnyTime Loading concept (see charts below), which has enabled to increase stability of the implant in the clinically-sensitive post-implantation period. Neobiotech implants are characterized by better assimilability than conventional implants, and thus reduce the risk of rejection of the implant by the patient’s body.

More information about the functionality of Neobiotech implants can be found on the website: