• Teeth whitening

    Fast, efficient, healthy! The PREVDENT teeth whitening and enamel repair system that we use at our practice enables to achieve 7-8 shades whiter teeth in just one hour.

  • Dental surgery

    The specialty of our practice! Since several decades, we have been helping patients with the most severe cases, requiring professional surgical care.

  • Implants

    Many years of experience, optimal quality and price. We only use solutions by the world’s leading manufacturers and clinically validated dental technologies.

  • Prosthetics

    Replenishing missing teeth through the use of dental techniques: dental bridges, crowns, veneers, inlays and dental implants.

About us

We are pleased to welcome you at our dental practice. Our offer comprises the following dental services: dental surgery, conservative treatment, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, implants, microscopic endodontics.
We attach great importance to ensuring the optimal quality and efficiency of our services. The head of our practice is Dr. Daniel Dłucik, who supervises its proper, careful and fully professional work. Dr. Dłucik is a second degree dental surgeon with long standing professional experience and numerous achievements in the field of implantology.
Our young, but already experienced team of dentists comprised by Anna Skałbania – Dłucik, Robert Dłucik and Borys Liduk, understands the latest requirements and needs in the area of conservative treatment and aesthetic dentistry, as well as modern and comprehensive patient service.
Our young staff, supported by the high competences of certified nurse Małgorzata Magner, will ensure that your visit at our practice will be a meeting with true professionals, held in a peaceful and trustworthy atmosphere.

Our offer

  • Implants

    Many years of experience, optimal quality and price. We only use solutions by the world’s leading manufacturers and clinically validated dental technologies.

  • Dental surgery

    The specialty of our practice! Since several decades, we have been helping patients with the most severe cases, requiring professional surgical care. When others give up, we act.

  • Aesthetic dentistry

    Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and sanding are the most popular dental procedures that can quickly improve the appearance and aesthetics of teeth.

  • Endodontics

    We preform root canal treatments with the use of an optical microscope. The confidence of performing proper root canal treatment is supported by modern X-Ray diagnostics.

  • Equipment and diagnostics

    Modern dentistry is associated with very precise knowledge about the condition of the Patient’s teeth prior to commencing treatment. We only perform treatments when we have 100% diagnostic confidence.

  • Conservative dentistry

    Tooth decay and cavities are the most common reasons for visiting a dentist. Regular control of teeth and proper dental prophylaxis will enable you to keep your smile healthy.

  • Prosthetics

    Replenishing missing teeth through the use of such dental techniques as: bridges, crowns, veneers, inlays and dental implants.

  • Anesthesia

    The Patient’s comfort is our top priority. Thus, we strive to perform all treatments without pain. To achieve this, we apply state-of-the-art and proven methods of painless anesthesia.


Dłucik Dental Clinic offers you complex dental services in the area of Katowice. We are recognised for many years of experience in treating common diseases related to dentition as well as more complex ones, which require specialist knowledge.

We started our activity as a clinic in 1982. Since that time we have been continuously working on developing our skills and updating the acquired knowledge, which lets us offer you a range of professional dental services dealing with a lot of various dental issues. We approach each Patient individually, listening to the problem and choosing the best suitable treatment. We serve our Patients in Polish, Slovakian and English.   


The originator and the founder of our clinic was dentist, doctor Daniel Dłucik. Nowadays he is a highly appreciated dental surgeon having many years of experience in the profession. His specialization not only includes dental surgery but also implantology. Doctor Dłucik’s expertise and skills enable care of Patients with difficult and demanding problems. Other doctors working in the clinic are Robert Dłucik, the clinic founder’s son, Anna Skałbania-Dłucik and Borys Liduk. They are the highest class specialists with abundant experience, also international. The careful selection of the staff lets us provide complex assistance to Patients struggling with various problems.  


In our clinic you can have a standard appointment with a dentist, We offer dental check-ups, thorough problem analysis and professional treatment. The most commonly performed treatments by our dentists include:  

  • tooth filling,
  • in case of inflammatory conditions, application of medicines,
  • root filling in case of advanced tooth caries.

Regardless of the course of their treatment our Patients can count on safe for their health anaesthesia and comfortable conditions during their stay in our modern premises.  


In addition to the standard treatment, our clinic provides dental and maxillofacial surgery services, which include more advanced treatments, which require relevant knowledge, expertise and equipment. Our specialist do the following procedures:   

  • tooth extraction, also the third molars in untypical positions,
  • cyst removal,
  • removal of lesions such as tumours within the oral cavity,
  • cutting out bones from already removed teeth. 

Moreover, our surgeons deal with maxillary sinuses surgeries, frenulum, lips and tongue corrections, alveolar processes remodelling and treatment of maxilla injuries. Each surgery is preceded by precise diagnostics.  We make complex X-ray images and dentition tomography and in case of lesions in your oral cavity before we remove them we conduct histopathological examination. You can count on our professionalism and care – before and after the surgery. Our staff is willing to explain the course of each process and will help you understand the problem.


One of major services offered by Dłucik Dental Clinic is implantology, meaning tooth loss filling. The implants are inserted in the place of a lost tooth and fully replace its functions. In our clinic we deal with inserting implants and restoring a full smile to our Patients. Before the implant is inserted the dentist conducts a thorough analysis of the loss site and takes photos of all dentition, which show the area and depth of the inserted implant in details. The implants are selected so that their shape and colour are similar to the Patient’s natural teeth. Due to our diligence and adequate technological background we make implants which are almost invisible and undistinguishable from natural teeth. 


Our specialization is also broadly understood prosthodontics. We make tooth restorations and dentures – both of single losses in dentition and bigger ones. For this reason we apply prosthetic crowns, veneers, bridges, partial or full prostheses. Our specialists will make for you a prosthesis which will in a natural way reflect your dentition, regardless of whether it is a denture of a single tooth or the entire dentition line. The type of the prostheses is selected depending on your individual case, the condition of the remaining teeth and bones and your preferences. The application of a denture allows for normal functioning, food consumption and improvement of your smile aesthetics.


The look of our teeth certainly affects our self-esteem and confidence, therefore, the aesthetic dentistry in our clinic is becoming more and more popular. We constantly try to develop our offer in this scope. You can take advantage of aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening or tartar removal. These apparently simple hygienic procedures significantly influence the look of teeth, first of all improving their colouring.  

The teeth whitening treatment made by a dentist allows removal of local de-colourings and brightens the entire teeth line. In turn, if you decide to have the tartar removed, you will get natural colour of your teeth, getting rid of characteristic deposits on your gums line. Additionally, this procedure limits problems with your gums bleeding.

We offer a few methods of whitening and tartar removal. The aesthetic dentistry treatments also include porcelain veneers.


Our clinic also welcomes young Patients. Children do not always associate a dentist with a pleasant moment, however, our staff is experienced in contact with children. Due to relevant qualifications and approach to children a visit at a dentist’s will not be a trauma. The children dentistry in our clinic is popular with parents and all these due to a friendly atmosphere encouraging a child’s interest combined with professional services.

We invite you to use the services of Dłucik Dental Clinic all Patients, regardless of your age and problems. Our long-time experience in implantology, prosthodontics, dental surgery, conservative treatment, aesthetic and children dentistry makes us offer you complex services on the highest level.