Equipment and diagnostics

Kavo Estetica E50 dental treatment unit

KaVo Primus is a dental treatment unit which, in a simple and convenient way, adapts to current needs, enabling optimal adjustment to the doctor’s and assistant’s needs. The wide spectrum of possibilities offered by this unit, its convenience and functionality, ensure good comfort of work in the dental office.

Most modern in its class, enables faster and more efficient work for the doctor and provides the patient with a variety of convenient and patient-friendly solutions.

CS 8100 3D digital panoramic X-Ray apparatus

This superb quality X-Ray apparatus enables taking high quality panoramic and segmented X-Rays, as well as TMJ and maxillary sinus images. The device applies the latest solutions in the field of medical technology and reduces the X-Ray dose to a minimum. In addition to that, the device is characterized by very low noise and virtually no vibration while performing an X-Ray, which significantly improves the quality of service and positively affects the Patient’s comfort. X-Ray images are displayed directly on the computer screen, owing to which the dentist performing the examination has an immediate opportunity to verify the Patient’s teeth condition.

SmartOPTIC microscope

SmartOPTIC is a high-class microscope. Its optical parameters meet very high world standards. A characteristic feature of the SmartOPTIC microscopes is excellent quality and very high ergonomics. At our practice, this microscope is used in endodontic treatments.

Hettich EBA 200 centrifuge

The device enables the separation of blood components. During the spinning process, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are separated. The resulting plasma is an excellent material for tissue regeneration and accelerating the healing process. A great advantage of platelet-rich plasma administration is the fact that it is obtained from the Patient’s own blood.