DentalVibe is a small device which removes the pain from injecting a needle into the gums.

How is it possible?

The device is applied in the place of the injection, prior to the administration of the anesthetic. DentalVibe generates irregular vibrations which overload the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain, so that the patient doesn’t register the pain or discomfort from the injection. Owing to such mechanical blocking of receptors the dentist may almost simultaneously perform the anesthetic injection.

Studies show that 94% of patients anesthetized using this method did not feel the moment of the injection, whereas 96% of patients did not feel the application of anesthesia. A big advantage of DentalVibe is its simplicity and lack of contraindications in its application in all patients. The sterility of the device is ensured by a one-time-use, replaceable tip, which is automatically removed after each use. The device enables all patients to take advantage of the full range of dental services requiring anesthesia.