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For more than 30 years now, dental surgeon Daniel Dłucik has been running his private dental practice in Katowice. In 1984, as one of the first dentists in Poland, he began performing the pioneering for those times dental implant treatment. Currently, his practice offers a wide range of services in the area of modern implantology, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, as well as endodontics and prophylaxis.

Modern implantology

The practice started its activity in 1982. Two years later, Dr. Daniel Dłucik performed the first dental implant surgery. Implantology has long been regarded as a recognized and safe alternative in modern dental treatment. The success perspective in restoring the full functionality and acceptance of the implant by the body is currently over 95%. Owing to methods and surgery techniques developed throughout the years, the risk of rejection of the implant or complications is very low.
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Bone regeneration

Very often, the placement of a dental implant must be preceded by rebuilding the bone. Only a solid and firm foundation can ensure full comfort and confidence that the implant mounted on it will serve the patient for many years. Very frequently, bone deficiency within the upper or lower jaw require several-weeks, and sometimes several-months long preparatory activities, during which these deficiencies are regenerated. Being aware of the entire implantological process, the patient needs to be prepared for the necessity to replace bone deficiencies and a longer than normally implant insertion process.
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Endodontics, commonly called root canal treatment, is a field of conservative dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, as well as diagnosis and treatment of apical diseases.
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Teeth whitening

At our practice, teeth whitening treatments are performed with the assistance of two outstanding specialists: certified nurse Małgorzata Magner, and dental assistant – Aleksandra Kałus. Clinical tests show that the process of teeth whitening with the use of the BriteSmile method gives excellent results. On the basis of conducted analyses, researchers from Forsyth Institute and the University of Medicine of New Jersey have confirmed that the BriteSmile teeth whitening method gives better results even by 8 shades of white.
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