Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a world leader of innovative reconstruction and aesthetic solutions in the field of dentistry.

For over twenty years, Nobel Biocare dental implants have been produced from chemically unchanged variants of pure titanium. They are subjected to plastic processing for their exceptional strength and durability, offering benefits in the form of implant stability and in the bone regeneration process. Nobel Biocare offers teeth implants in two protocols of implantation: parallel and conical.

The former is the most versatile implant which limits the implantation procedure to only few stages with normal indications, and allows passive fit in a hard bone. It can reinforce stability in soft bones, possibly below preparation. Conical-shaped dental implants introduce an easy-to-use and step-by-step implantation protocol. Surgical kits are logically and simply constructed, and implantation is identical for all indications.

Nobel Biocare offers three distinctive prosthetic pillar connections in order to increase their prosthetic flexibility. The internal conical connection gives more stable support for prosthetic pillars and, owing to better tightness, it eliminates the development of bacteria between the implant and prosthetic connection. The internal, three-canal connection is easy to use. It has color codes, gives a visible reaction, is excellent for the rear areas of the mouth and offers optimal stability. What is more, the choice of three positions facilitates the movement of prosthetic pillars. The external hexagonal connection is universal. It is excellent for fixations with the use of corner connectors and offers the choice of six to twelve positions, depending on the prosthetic pillar. Furthermore, a small distance from the edge of the crown to the first thread of the implant is beneficial due to the very thin soft tissue.

Source: Nobel Biocare website Nobel Biocare, supplier of implants for Dr. Daniel Dłucik’s dental practice.