Conservative treatment

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our price list. Please be advised that the prices of treatments published on our website are estimated prices. Final and binding treatment costs are provided solely by the doctor during consultation in the dental office. After consultation, each Patient receives a cost estimate of the dental treatment serving as the basis for settlement. We accept payment for performed services made with payment cards.

Please note: the following price list is purely informative. The final price will be provided to you by the doctor during medical consultation.

Conservative treatment
1. Light-cured filling - depending on the surface
1 surface
2 surfaces
3 surfaces
tooth reconstruction
150 pln
180 pln
250 pln
300 pln
2. Anesthesia40 pln
3. Computer-generated anesthesia (The Wand)80 pln
4. General anesthesia (analgesia) 1 hour250 pln
5. Endontic therapy Single
- root canal treatment
- Multi-root canal treatment (each next root canal)
400 pln
400 pln
6. Endodontic retreatment – root canal retreatment, 1 canal500 pln
7. Deciduous teeth filling (Glas - Ionomer)150 pln
8. Tartar removal
- ultrasonic
- with sanding
200 pln
250 pln
9. Teeth strengthening (by means of a titanium stud or glass fiber)­250 pln
10. Preventive tooth varnishing60 pln
11. Prevdent teeth whitening1.700 pln