An implant is nothing more than an artificial root made of titanium. Its size is similar to a natural root. The number of implants is not always the same as the number of missing teeth. An implant can support a single missing tooth or multiple teeth or it can be used to create an abutment for a bridge of teeth. Even two implants can ensure additional support and provide excellent stability for complete dentures.

How does the treatment work?
The treatment is composed of two stages. First, a hole is drilled in the bone. In the next stage, the implant is placed in the hole and the surgical site is closed. During the next 6 weeks the implant “settles in” – the tissue cells attach themselves to the pores of the titanium plasma covering the implant. The so-called osseointegration or fusion of the implant with the patient’s jawbone takes place. When the implant is anchored firmly in the bone, the dentist can move to the next step – creation of a tooth impression and restoration of missing teeth.

Does it hurt?
Inserting the dental implant doesn’t hurt and the pain can be managed by the similar analgesics to those administered in tooth removal. Patients may feel slight vibrations while drilling the hole for the implant.

Is it possible to place the implant right after the extraction of a tooth?
It is not only possible but also practiced, however the final decision belongs to the dentist.

What guarantees the success of the treatment?
For the implant to perform its function for a long period of time it is necessary to maintain hygiene of the oral cavity to eliminate the possibility of peri-implant soft tissue inflammation – forgetting about brushing your teeth is out of the question! Regular visits at the dentist are also necessary.

What if the treatment fails?
The rate of successful procedures is quite high for medicine. After three years from the treatment, in 98% of patients the implant integrates with the bone, whereas after ten years the rate of implant failures is 5%. These results have come to prove that implants are trustworthy, enabling reconstructive dentistry to make another milestone.

How to ensure success of the treatment?
First of all, contact your doctor.

Materials taken from the website of Dentsply Friadent, provider of ANKYLOS Syncone implants for patients’ of Dr. Daniel Dłucik’s dental office.