Guided bone regeneration

Strong and beautiful teeth make us feel better, they increase our self-confidence, and positively influence the way that we are perceived by others in our private, as well as professional lives.
For this reason, responsible dentists and dental surgeon carefully plan the ways in which teeth can be reconstructed and treated in order to restore the patient’s quality of life.
Teeth reconstruction allows to restore the functions of teeth and their beauty. In order to do so the dentist may use neutral, well tolerated materials of many-year proven quality.

Causes of bone damages:

Periodontium diseases

This disease is caused by bacteria found in the dental plaque. Its deposits cause the damage of tissues that support teeth. The tissues that support the tooth atrophy and the ligament system becomes damaged together with the bone that surround it.

Removal of apical changes

This defect is caused by the inflammation of the neurovascular bundle (arteries,
veins or nerves) in the root apex area. This type of inflammation leads to
the damage of the bone structure.

Extractions (teeth removal)

The tooth has to be extracted. An extensive jaw bone damage is visible.


Inserting the implant in place of the deficiency. In some cases the bone
amount may be insufficient in order to insert an implant.

  • The implant thread must be visible,
  • The dental process may be too narrow
  • The height of the dental process is insufficient.