Bank of teeth

bank zębów

The Tooth Bank is a solution that allows you to use your own extracted teeth for further treatment as a graft material. Koreans have been using this option for several years, but it is a complete novelty on the Polish market. The first Polish tooth bank is offered by Klinika Dłucik Dental Clinic. It is well known that autogenous bone is the best biomaterial due to its properties. Ground natural teeth can be used in bone regeneration procedures because dentin has a very similar composition to bone. The patient’s own tooth is the best and completely safe autogenous material used in bone regeneration procedures. This material contains osteogenic proteins and can be obtained without the need for additional surgery to harvest autogenous bone. Properly processed material from the ground tooth is placed in the socket, without causing immunological reactions, and the healing process and bone reconstruction are very fast. In the case of ground natural teeth used as graft material, the risk that the transplant or further treatment will fail is almost reduced to zero.

Tooth bank – what are the benefits?

Just a few years ago, extracted teeth were considered useless waste material. Today, at the Dłucik Dental Clinic, doctors know perfectly well that it is an invaluable graft material that allows you to rebuild bone defects that occur, for example, as a result of injuries, in the course of periodontitis, after removal of retained teeth and other events.

The material obtained from teeth is distinguished by durability, plasticity, safety and the fact that it is perfectly absorbed by the body. They also carry out the so-called maxillary sinus lifting to rebuild sinus side bone for later implant placement. By using your own extracted teeth, you can reduce the number of procedures required and save time, because the regenerated bone heals much faster than when other bone replacement materials are used.

The first tooth bank in Poland at the Dłucik Dental Clinic!

Specialists from Klinika Dłucik DentalClinic, who use BonMaker technology, appreciated the extraordinary advantages of storing teeth. This is the so-called procedure for obtaining ATB (Auto-Tooth Bone) materials. In 2018, Dr. Robert Dłucik and Daniel Dłucik obtained the consent of the Bioethics Committee of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice to carry out treatments using extracted natural teeth, processed into sterile, safe granules. Specialists from Dłucik Dental Clinic follow the lead of Korean doctors and continue research in this area. At the same time, they give patients the opportunity to store the removed teeth for 10 years on level -1 in special rooms and use equipment for processing and storing the material. If further treatment is necessary, the patient can use the teeth secured in the bank to supplement bone defects.

What is the preparation of the material in the tooth bank?

The removed tooth is cleaned of soft tissues, tartar and fillings. Then the tooth is ground in a grinder, after which it is placed in a special device where chemical sterilization is carried out. Osteogenic material can be obtained in two forms – granulate from a chipped tooth or in the form of a block of a given shape of a tooth fragment. These elements are then placed in the socket. The material is hygroscopic and has the form of a gel, which solidifies after soaking. As a result, there is no need for any fixing materials, membranes or screws.