We search the space for alien civilizations, we would like to get to know other planets but we do not seem to realize the fact that we are surrounded by a beautiful, fascinating, and at the same time a still unexplored world which is full of secrets, surprises and mysteries – the world of sea depths.

By nature this world is alien to us, and even we will be lucky to explore it thanks to wonderful people, we will never ompletely get to know it. Out of our respect for it we need to protect it, obey its laws, refrain from interfering in it and destroying it – we should only remain observers. When moving around in this world we experience unforgettable moments, we get to meet thousands of plants and animals, we discover sunken ships, penetrate them in search for keepsakes from the past and try to explain the causes of various sea catastrophes; we search underwater caves, and even though we often dive in the same places each and every time is unique and always leaves us craving for new adventures.

There exist sports such as mountain-climbing, hang-gliding, solitary regattas around the world, reaching the poles, as well as disciplines which are practiced by disabled persons in which superhuman efforts, struggling with oneself and one’s own weaknesses, life-threatening situations, do not discourage us from undertaking further challenges, but push us to face even more difficult tasks. Although it may seem that these sport disciplines have nothing to do with diving, they are in fact connected with one another. They both enable us to turn our thoughts to the world of wonderful adventures which belongs only to ourselves. Left on our own, away from everyday struggles and worries, feeling a unity with nature, we may discover what real happiness is.

The space which surrounds us in the air, on the land, or underwater is unique and each time surprises us with something new. This is why we yearn to elope to these places which are inaccessible for most people as often as possible.

Impressed by the wonderful moments which I had a chance to experience, I decided to record the colorful world of the coral reefs. These photographs show only a small fragment of this beautiful world and are far from being professional. Nevertheless, my aim is to propagate “wildlife photography” so that the next generations will also have a chance to admire this world and experience wonderful moments.

Daniel Dłucik