Implant prosthetics

  • Crown on implant: – porcelain on base metal 1.600 PLN
  • Crown on implant: – porcelain on precious metal 2.700 PLN
  • Crown on implant: – porcelain on zircons 2.200 PLN
  • Crown on implant: – Pekkton polymer 1.900 PLN
  • Crown on implant: – prosthetic bridge 1 point as above
  • Temporary crown on implant 350 PLN
  • Classic prosthesis on mini implants 2.900 PLN
  • Classic prosthesis with latches (depending on the number of matrices) 3.700 – 5.500 PLN
  • Classic prosthesis on a beam 5.200 PLN
  • Dolder beam (depending on the number of implants) 3.000 – 5.200 PLN

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our price list. Please note that the prices of treatments published on the website are estimates. The final and only binding costs for both parties are given only by the doctor during the dental consultation in the office. After the consultation, each patient receives a dental treatment cost estimate – on the basis of which the settlement is made. We accept payment for services rendered using payment cards.

Attention! The above price list is informative. The final price is given by the doctor after medical consultation.

The price list is valid from August 18, 2022. The price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 §1 of the Civil Code. Copy of documentation 10 PLN.