Aesthetic dentistry

We all want to have beautiful, snow-white and shiny teeth ? A beautiful smile is everyone’s best friend and can work wonders. More and more often we realize that looking good makes us feel good and satisfied with ourselves and thus, increases our chances for meeting new people, finding a better job or meeting “the one”. Of course, sometimes a charming smile isn’t enough, however it’s certainly helpful in everyday life.

Aesthetic dentistry is a continuously developed department of our practice. Currently, we offer our patients an innovative method of teeth whitening PREVDENT. With this method, your teeth will become much whiter in less than two hours!

In order to maintain teeth whitening results, we also recommend using the Prevdent toothpaste. Now, your daily oral hygiene will not only prevent tooth decay but will also contribute to a significant improvement in the appearance of your teeth.

A simple, recommended by dentists treatment which improves the condition of teeth and their aesthetic appearance is sanding. Sanding consists in the removal of plaque by means of a device which cleanses the teeth with a special solution composed of water and powder.

Another treatment in the area of aesthetic dentistry is scaling, which consists of removing tartar. Scaling can be performed in various ways: mechanically, chemically or using ultrasound therapy. Depending on the place of access, two types of scaling are distinguished: supragingival and subgingival.

Scaling or/and sanding treatments are usually recommended once or twice a year.

Another treatment enhancing the appearance of teeth are veneers – usually porcelain veneers or composite veneers.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of possibilities offered by Dr. Daniel Dłucik’s practice in the field of aesthetic dentistry. While visiting our practice, be sure to ask about teeth whitening, sanding, scaling or veneers. Remember – a beautiful, snow-white smile is a big step towards your daily well-being and satisfaction. 🙂