Prosthodontics is one of the leading departments of our practice. We offer both removable dentures (see, for example the Dolder bar) , as well as permanent prosthetic fillings in the form of crowns and bridges. Our offer consists of crowns and bridges made of zirconium. Zirconium is excellent aesthetics, bio-compatibility, durability and functionality. The introduction of zirconium ceramics in dentistry, which has twice the flexural strength as ceramics obtained on the basis of aluminum oxide, has made it possible to make extensive dental bridges for the side areas. This compound is used in many fields of science and medicine, and has been tested in various extreme circumstances – it’s applied, for example, in thermal protection coatings used in space shuttles, sports cars brake disks and, and is used in medicine in the form of artificial hip joints. Due to its optical properties, it’s also considered as a very god imitation of real teeth. And in the case of crown and implant placement, the selection of the proper color is no less important than the process of their preparation.

Photo: Choosing the proper color of the patient’s future teeth.

Crown or bridge placement is a multi-stage process. The teeth on which the bridge is placed require appropriate preparation, treatment and polishing. Next, an impression of a fragment of the patient’s jaw is performed, on the basis of which the dental technician prepares a suitable prosthetic work, which is later placed in the previously prepared location.

Proper preparation of the bridge and crown involves, among others, the optimal polishing of teeth, on which their future ceramic counterparts will be mounted.