Implant is a term which covers three elements: the proper implant which resembles a hollow screw, a connector and a mounting screw. All of these elements are permanently connected with each other, while the length of the entire implant is about 2 cm. CAMLOG® implants are made of pure titanium – a biologically neutral, safe and durable material, which has been successfully used for many years in medical technologies. CAMLOG implants are offered in various sizes and shapes, enabling the dentist to choose an optimal implant for every patient.

How does an implant work?
Implants inserted in the patient’s bone serve as pillars for new, artificial tooth crowns. The implant permanently integrates itself with the bone. It fulfills the function of a root and is invisible from the outside. The prosthetic crown, which restores the tooth, is mounted on the connector. The rebuilt crown, along with the implant, completely restore the physiological functionality of natural teeth and mechanics of chewing organs. This is the only solution which, not only conceals missing teeth, but also ensures the functionality of natural teeth. It also restores the patient’s natural appearance.

Application possibilities
Dental implant therapy has very broad application. Implants are used to rebuild both single deficiencies, as well as several teeth. Dental implants are also used as stable pillars for larger removable dentures. In cases of complete toothlessness, it is possible to perform a fixed (non-removable) denture or overdenture. This is a removable denture but, thanks to different types of mountings connecting it to the implants, it holds very firmly in the mouth. The comfort of using this type of denture is incomparable with using classic dentures.

How long does dental implant treatment take?
The time of dental implant treatment can be given only approximately. A lot depends on individual conditions of the patient and his/her expectations. The total duration of the therapy, counted from making the decision about implant treatment, to the moment of mounting the crown on a functional implant is on the average 3-8 months. There exist procedures shortening this time even to zero, however, indications for their application are strictly limited and, what is more, they are associated with a higher failure risk. In some cases, the time required for a particular treatment phase can be extended, for example in case of the necessity to rebuild the bone prior to implantation. It is thus essential to sincerely talk with your doctor about your health condition, eating and hygiene habits, and lifestyle. Only if you provide the doctor with these information, he or she will be able to offer you appropriate therapy and plan the treatment.

Dental implants are a scientifically confirmed, excellent substitute of natural teeth. It’s a valuable investment, owing to which you will not only be able to accept your appearance without inhibitions but, more importantly, you’ll be able to feel once again the comfort of eating, talking and smiling without restrictions.

Materials have been taken from the website of fmdental, a supplier of dental implants for Patients of Dr. Daniel Dłucik’s Dental Practice.