We invite you to familiarize yourself with our price list. Please be advised that the prices of treatments published on our website are estimated prices. Final and binding treatment costs are provided solely by the doctor during consultation in the dental office. After consultation, each Patient receives a cost estimate of the dental treatment serving as the basis for settlement. We accept payment for performed services made with payment cards.

Please note: the following price list is purely informative. The final price will be provided to you by the doctor during medical consultation.

1. Full denture­
1.500 pln
1.900 pln
2.600 pln
2. Partial denture 1 point (tooth, brace, denture plate) 100 pln each
3. Frame denture 2.800 pln
4. Frame denture with BREDENT attachments 3.500 pln
5. Frame denture with CK clasps 4.000 pln
6. Telescopic denture 3.000 pln
7. Microdenture with bolt (MK-1) 2.500 pln
8. Porcelain crown 850 pln
9. Porcelain crown on precious metal (Pt+Au) 1 point 1.900 pln
10. All-ceramic crown on zirconium 1.700 pln
11. All-ceramic crown 1.500 pln
12. Telescopic Au crown 2.500 pln
13. Telescopic steel crown 1.600 pln
14. Porcelain bridge 1 point 850 pln
15. Gold inlay 1.000 pln
16. Porcelain inlay 1.000 pln
17. Removal of an old bridge or crown 1 point 110 pln
18. Denture rebasing 450 pln
19. Dental guard 400 pln